Large walnuts of the Giant variety.

Description of grade Giant walnut.

Грецкий орех великан

Description and reviews.
Walnut varieties giant - a medium-sized tree, the height reaches 8-9 m. By 16 years 5-6 m., It is wide-crowned, quite powerful. Filling of nuts is very dense, by 15 years this giant produces more than 40 kg. pure kernels of walnuts, on the average 1000 - 1200 pieces. fruits from the tree.

The nut fruit is large enough on average 6 cm, rare fruit specimens reach 7 cm, but there are less than 5.5 cm. Inside the walnut kernel very well develops a place in the shell of the fetus. The color is comparable with the color of white wheat, straw, light with small brownish tips.

The core is average to the taste of sweet, on the output of the nucleus from the fruit shell of the nut, is approaching 50%. When weighing, you get 48% of those fruits that are more than 2-3 months. lay and dried, with freshly collected 50 - 51%.

They remain very dignified by the end of January, the appearance and taste remain at a good level, without loss of quality. The taste is not lost remains sweet, the fat content is slightly lower than that of ordinary nuts. With a lack of watering in the Greek variety of the giant, there are nuts with a slight drying of the tips of the nucleus, namely the posterior wall of the fetus - this does not greatly affect the mass of the fetus.

The size of the core of walnuts is a giant variety.

According to the size of the core - for comparison with an ordinary walnut walnuts giant is 3 times larger and larger, the difference is very palpable. A typical walnut has a weight of 10-11 g, and a giant variety weighs 35-40 g.

The shell is on average 2 mm., It is loose enough that it is easy to break the core, it is not twisted inside, but is freely located in the nutshell inside the fruit.

The partitions are very thin, paper, and thanks to this, that partitions very thin core is taken out whole and very easy. Such nuts are quickly cracked and it's a pleasure to prick them.

If you take a walnut variety of giants, then we can say that this is quite promising based on the fact that the core of good color, very easily gets and stands out as a whole, and high yield.

Because at such a young age of 15-16 years there are very few varieties of nuts that give 40 kg each. peeled fruit from a tree.

The only problem - this is when the tree is not watered, then desiccation occurs in the posterior region of the nucleus nut. If you cultivate the soil under a tree and pour a nut in a timely manner, then this defect is leveled and the problem goes away.

Maturation, flowering, transplanting - or what a walnut needs to grow.

Ядро грецкого ореха великана

Grade Giant blooms very late on May 8-9 flower women's flowers, in this period, the late frosts have passed. According to maturing late, ripening occurs in the last days of September and in the first days until October 5, sometimes it happens that ripening and cracking of the rind occurs on October 10.

Fruits ripen at the tops of shoots, fruiting apex, fruit walnut for 2-3 fruits, tree loading maximum, almost all the tops of the tree in the fruit - there is no such that the branches were free.

He pollinates very well with many nuts, as he blossoms late, and the trees of other nuts bloom earlier and therefore he always has enough pollen for pollination.

The saplings are usually transplanted 2 times, one-yearly 25-30 cm is digged and planted, then only two-year-old seedlings are planted on a permanent place - this is to accelerate the beginning of fruiting. Seedlings of this nut are fruited for 6 years.

The ideal planting scheme is 12 to 14 for the next 40 years, it all depends on how long you want to plant a garden. 10 by 12 is for 25 years. 20 to 25 is 60-80 years.

Frost resistance is high, perfectly withstands, both in the south and in the north - 33 stands and fructifies. A good nut with a yield, a large kernel, a thin shell.