Stefanotis care.

Stefanotis care at home.

There is a flower of stephanotis. He began to drop buds and flowers. It is not pleasant to part with such beauty.


Homeland of Stephanotis is the island of Madagascar.   Of course, he has his own requirements for the domestic conditions of detention in our region. But perhaps the reason for this behavior is not in them.

First of all, look at what substrate grows recently bought a plant. If there is one peat, then nutrients may not be enough, and therefore, Stephanotis can not open the buds and keep the flowers.

Soil mixture for the pot needs a leafy earth (two parts) and turf, peat, sand, taken in one piece. It is also possible that the flower is small pot.

Stephanotis care of this flower in the home environment requires attention. In the first year of cultivation, it must be transplanted from 9 cm to another, larger in size. Next spring, a new transfer to an even larger pot.

In adulthood, transshipment is needed every 2-3 years,   every year it is necessary to pour nutritious ground, because the plant requires a lot of energy for abundant flowering (not for nothing that it is called bicarbonate) and for the growth of strong climbing stems, which even require support.

With such frequent updating of the soil, fertilizing is still necessary, especially in the period of intensive vegetation: from the very beginning of spring to the end of summer. Stephanotis is a flower that needs a bright light, but in summer it must be scattered. Watering in the summer can be plentiful, at the same time it would be nice and sprayed daily.

In the winter, watering is limited, but not until dryness. The temperature background is also important + 12-15 degrees in winter, in summer - 20-25. The plant does not tolerate sudden changes in temperature. Badly tolerates a change in habitat, especially when buds are formed: they can fall, and young shoots turn yellow.

You can propagate by cuttings, mostly in early spring. For this purpose shoots of the last year with 2 leaves are suitable. They take root about a month later, but on condition of heating or keeping in a warm place.   The substrate for this must be prepared from peat and sand, 50 to 50 percent.

Надеюсь, что это интересное растение с ароматными белыми восковидными цветками приживется у вас, а его вьющиеся стебли обовьют окно по периметру или пойдут по шпалере на стене.

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