Anemone cultivation.

I really like flowers anemones. I grow them in my summer cottage and enjoy beautiful flowers with the onset of spring and until autumn. Recently bought bulb anemone.
Where does this flower like to grow, how to care for anemone?


Anemone, or anemone, is a genus of plants that includes 120 species and a variety of varieties that are widely distributed. The most convenient, of course, are perennial forms that do not require excavation in the autumn and shelter for the winter. All anemones, with the exception of blanda, grow well in a semi-shadowed place, and most varieties are suitable for cutting.

Anemones always have a place in the flower garden. Planted in October, they blossom in April, and planted in the spring in April - will dissolve in autumn in October. Anemones are unusually decorative. Chamomile varieties of anemone flowers have a large number of petals located around the nucleus of the flower, the golden core.

Anemone, her flowers, have a diameter of about 4 cm and appear in the spring. At the end of April an anemone blossoms a narcissus-flowered flower. The whole plant is very elegant: the cut-through dark green leaves are collected in a rosette at the base of the stem, and from the base of the bush there are three or eight peduncles with white flowers collected in bundles (umbrellas), therefore the inflorescences are similar to bouquets.

The aerial part of plants does not die after flowering, but, unfortunately, the blooming itself does not last long - only a week. White flowers of anemones tender with long and thin petals at the same time represent a very elegant sight.

There are forms with a different coloration of flowers - blue and pink.   The height of this species of anemone is only 10-15 cm, its leaves are practically pressed to the ground. After flowering, it is at rest.

Anemones care.

It is best to plant a gentle anemone on a rocky hill or settle in the grass, but always there, where there is a lot of sun. In the beginning of May, the anemone blooms blooming. This species has garden forms, including terry. Growing, the anemone oak-tree is capable of creating picturesque curtains in the shaded places of a spring flower garden or rock garden.

Its flowers are 4 cm in diameter and are located on thin, slightly drooping stems and resemble small chrysanthemums. Later, at the end of May or the beginning of June, the time for anemones of the lepidoptera is coming.

The shoes of her yellow modest flowers are like a piece of sunshine in the shade under the apple tree. In August, it is time to bloom anemones hybrid. Of the colors of this group the most common is the Japanese anemone.

Its bush is up to 60 cm high, above which at an altitude of 30-40 cm the umbrellas of white or pink flowers rise. Very interesting is the completely round form of the buds of this species of anemones.

The Japanese anemone blooms almost a whole month, and if you let the inflorescences ripen, then cut them off, you will get a wonderful material for the winter bouquet. All the flowers of anemones prefer protected places with light, fertile, loose soil in the sun or in a small, light shade.

They reproduce, as a rule, by stretches of rhizomes in the spring. Nodal anemones before planting are soaked in water for the night. Plant a small depth of 5 cm at a distance of 10 cm between plants.

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