Iris flowers.

Beautiful flowers irises on the photo.

I love flowers irises. I already had a decent collection and a photo.   But some of them suddenly turned yellow this year, and the leaves fell to the ground with a fan. Began to find out - the base of leaves rotted. I had to dig and remove from the site. How to avoid such a disaster in the future?

ирисы фото

Unfortunately, wet rot, which affects yours, irises are a constantly occurring disease. This dangerous bacterial disease is often transmitted with planting material. And in this, as a rule, we ourselves are to blame.

Glad to see the appearance of new plants on the site, we forget about "smallness" - disinfect them before planting in a solution of potassium permanganate for about 20 minutes. Sometimes, inadvertently, we approach the choice of place.

The fact is that iris flowers prefer to grow in sunny areas with light, not moist, limy soil. In this case, rot them bypass. But they should be planted on heavy, swampy soils,   and even to choke the rhizomes - so immediately begin to have health problems.

For better health, it is necessary to plant irises correctly,   The upper region of the rhizome should be above the surface of the soil and illuminated by the sun. You, probably, have paid attention, that rhizomes grow in irises in the upper layer of the soil and they feel more comfortable if the upper part breathes air, is heated by the sun.

цветы ирисы

For winter, these places must be covered with sawdust, dry needles, and earth.   Otherwise, the rhizomes can freeze. Do not allow and their mechanical damage during loosening of the soil or in the fight against weeds:   it can also contribute to the bacterial disease of irises with wet rot.

This picture, of course, is not for the faint-hearted: a wet, mushy mass with an unpleasant odor appears on the upper part of the rhizome. What should I do in such cases?

First of all, it is necessary to cut out all rotting parts from diseased irises,   clean the upper part of the rhizome with a broom and pour a solution of potassium permanganate. And leave in the sun until autumn. Fall in the middle of clouding or a bit of a hump. And next spring it will be necessary to razgresti this land and to process rhizomes with the same potassium permanganate. After such processing irises the flowers again will be very beautiful, in the photo they are cool.

In everyday life they are often called tangents or cocks.   To confuse them with other flowers is simply impossible: blue, purple, red, golden yellow, white, with mottled color and monophonic,   they surprise us with their unusual shape.   To look at them is pleasure: three outer petals bend downwards, three internal ones are slightly raised and bent inwards. Whatever you say, nature is an unsurpassed artist and we need to help preserve its beauty.

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